1.District Megistrate/Chief secretory/Chief Executive Officer Zila Parishad Chairman 2.Local M.P to be nominated by Chairman,NVS Member 3.Chairman Zila Parishad Member 4.Principal of a school Member 5.District Education Officer Member 6.District Executive Engineer Member 7.Principal Of Vidyalaya Member Secretory VIDYALAYA MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:
1.District Magistrate /Collector/Deputy Commissioner Shri. S S Nakul (IAS) Chairman 2.District Education Officer Shri. Ms Prasannakumar (DDPI) Member 3.Executive Engineer of state P.W.D(Building) Shri. Suresh L Naik Member 4.Principal of local college or senior secondary school Shri. Hanumantappa Member 5.Member of public Shri Anantkumar Hegde (MP) Member 6.Senior Most teacher,JNV North Canara Shri. G B Mastri Member 7.Chief Medical Officer of the District Shri. Dr. G N Ashok Kumar Member 8.Representative From Parents (Male) Shri. V K Bhat Member Representative From Parents (Female) Smt. Nagaratana Biradar Member 9.Principal, JNV North Canara Shri V B Lamani Member Secretory PURCHASE ADVISORY COMMITTEE:
1.Principal, JNV North Canara Chairman 2.Nominee of the Chairman of VMC Member 3.District Education Officer or Executive Engineer Member 4.One teacher JNV North Canara Member 5.One more Member of VMC Member MESS COMMITTEE:
1. Duty master of the day. 2. Two teacher on rotation basis(list attached) 3. Two students on rotation 4. Mrs.Y.C.Kamalamma (Staff Nurse) 5. Mr.Ratan Singh (Cat. Asst.) 6. Member secretary HMs REGIONAL LEVEL MESS COMMITTEE:
1.Deputy director of the Region Concerned Chairman 2.One eminent educationalist with background of managing residential institutions Member 3.Director,School Education of one of the state Govt. within the Region Member 4.One renowned social worker Member 5.One Asstt. Commissioner of the Region Member Secretary DISTRICT LEVEL MESS COMMITTEE:
1.Joint Collector/Additional District Magistrate Chairman 2.District Civil Supplies Officer Member 3.District Medical and Health Officer Member 4.District Education Officer Member 5.One public Representative to be nominated by the Chairman, VMC From the list of names recommended by the local M.P. Member 6.Principal of the JNV North canara Member Secretory VIDYALAYA MESS COMMITTEE:
1 Vice Principal Convener 2. Mr.Ratan Singh (Cat.Asst.) Member 3. Mess in charge Teachers Members 4. One Migrated Boy and one Girl Members 5. Student Representatives from Class-X1 Members 6. Vidyalaya Captain Member 7. House prefects Members APPOINTMENT SUB COMMITTEE:
A) Appointment Sub committee: (For Group 'D' and L.D.C) 1.Principal of JNV North Canara Chairman 2.District Education Officer his/her nominee Member 3.One local Educationalist(Preferably a Principal of a residential college or school) Member B) Appointment Sub committee: (For Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs) 1.Chairman of the VMC of his/her nominee Chairman 2.District Education Officer or his/her nominee Member 3.One local Educationalist(Preferably a Principal of a residential college or school) Member 4.Subject Expert (if any) Member 5.Principal of the JNV North canara PTC(Parent Teacher Council):
1.Principal of the JNV North canara Chairman 2.15 Representatives to be nominated by General Body of the Parents in proportion to the section in the Vidyalaya with a female-male ratio in proportionate strength of boys and girls. 3.Five teacher representative (including 2 female staff) 4.Vice Principal of the JNV North canara Member Secretary ACADEMIC COMMITTEE:
1. Vice Principal Academic InCharge SUB COMMITTEE: a. CCE 1 Mr.G.R. Maskeri, (PGT Chemistry) 2.Mr.R.K.Shanbough-Librarian(internal) 3.Mr.Nagaraj N Shetty, TGT Maths 4.Mr.Balaji mugulure FCSA b. CBSE & External Examinations 1. Mrs. M C Smitha(PGT English) 2.Mr. K.V.R.K. Yadav, (PGT Maths) 3.Mrs K Jayasree., TGT Science 4.Mr. Koteshwar Rao (LDC) 5.Mr.Balaji mugulure FCSA c. Time Table 1. Vice Principal 2. Mr. K.V.Ramkrishna Yadav (PGT Mathematics) 3.Mrs. Smitha. S, PGT Physics Assistants : Ajeem Sab (Lab Attender) Bhairappa M.N. (Chowkidhar) SUBJECT COMMITTEE:
To monitor the academic developments of the children and to ensure the proper class room teaching and learning processes in various subjects, the following subject committees are executed at the vidyalaya 1. English: a. Mrs.M C Smitha (PGT English) Convener b. Mrs.Virpakshappa C P (TGT English) member c. Mr. Laxman T Naik (TGT English) member 2. Hindi: a. Mrs.Himagiri (PGT Hindi) Convener b. Mr.S.M.Warampally (TGT Hindi) Member c. Mrs.Himagiri S N (PGT Hindi) Member 3. Kannada: a. Mr. S.M Biradar(TGT Kannada) Convener b. Mr. A.G.Govindappa(TGT Kannada) Member 4.Science: a. Mr.G.B.Mestri (PGT Biology) Convener b. Mr.G.R.Maskeri (PGT Chemistry) Member c. Mrs.S.Smitha (PGT Physics) Member d. Mrs.Jayshree (TGT Science) Member 5.Maths: a. Mr.K.V.R.K.Yadav (PGT Maths) Convener b. Mrs. C Wannor (TGT Maths) Member c. Mr. Nagaraj Shetty (TGT Maths) Member 6. Social studies: a. Mr. Vinayaka C A (PGT Geography) Convener b. Mrs. Mamata Matte (TGT S.St) Member CCA COMMITTEE:
Mr. D.B.Fakkirappa (Music teacher) CCA I/C Mr. A.G.Govindappa (T.G.T Kannada) Member Mr. R.K. Shanbhag ( Librarian) Mrs.Jayashree (TGT Eng) Member Mrs.M.C. Smitha, PGT English HMs and AHMs LIBRARY COMMITTEE:
1. Principal Chairman 2. Vice principal Member 3. Mr. R.K.Shanbogh (Librarian) Member 4. Mr. S M Waramballi (TGT Hindi) Member 5. Mr. K.N, (TGT Science) Member 6. Mr. Suresh R B (SUPW Teacher) Memebr 7. Mr. Laxman T Naik (TGT English) Member PACE SETTING COMMITTEE:
1. Vice Principal Convener 2. Mr. G R Maskeri (PGT Chemistry) In - Charge 3. Mr. R.K. Shanbhag, (Librarian) Member 4. Mr. Suresh R B (SUPW Teacher) Member 5. Mr. Gandhag A. V, (TGT Art) Member HEALTH AND HYGIENE/ADOLESCENCE EDUCATION COMMITTEE:
1. Mrs. Y.C.Kamalamma (Staf Nurse) I/C 2. Mrs. Geeta.H.Nayak (Lady PET) Member 3. Mr. G B Mestri (PGT Biology) Member COUNSELLING AND GUIDANCE COMMITTEE:
1. Principal Chairman 2. Vice Principal Member 3. Mr. S. M. Waramballi (TGT Hindi) Member 4. Mr. S.M Biradar (TGT Kannada) Member M & R COMMITTEE( MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF VIDYALAYA COMPLEX):
1. Vice Principal Convener 2. Mr. G B Mestri (PGT Biology) Member 3. Mr. S. M Biradaar, TGT Kannada Member 4. Mr. S.M.Warampalli (TGT Hindi) Member 5. Mr. Suresh R B (SUPW Teacher) Member 6. Mrs.Geeta H. Nayak, PET Member 7. Mr. Jagadeesh M.A., ECP Member School prefect P.T.C.Member JNVST COMMITTEE :
1 Vice Principal Convener 2. Mr. Laxman T. Naik, (TGT English) JNVST I/C 3. Mr. Gandhag A. V, (TGT Art) Member 4. Mr. Wannoor, (TGT Maths) Member 5. Mr. Suresh R Bajantri, (TGT SUPW) Member 6. Mr. S.M.Waramballi (TGT-Hindi) Member 8. Mrs.Prema T Naik , LDC Member SPORTS COMMITTEE:
1. Mr. A.R.Kamble (PET) Convener 2. Mrs. Geeth H N (PET) Member 3. Mr G.R .Maskeri ( PGT Chemistry) Member 4. Mr. Aravind (PET Jr.College, Malgi) Member 5. Representative from District sports council Member DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE:
1. Vice Principal Convener 2. Mr.G.B.Mestri (PGT Biology) Member 3. Mr.G.R.Maskeri (PGT Chemistry) Member 4. Mr.K V R K Yadav (PGT Maths) Member 5. Mr.A.R.Kamble (PET) Member SAFETY AND SECURITY COMMITTEE:
1. Principal Chairman 2. Vice Principal Secretary 3. Mr.G B Mestri (PGT Biology) Member 4. Mr.S M Biradar(TGT Kannada) Member 5. Mrs. Y C kamalamma (Staff Nurse) Member secretary

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